Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fur Brushes

Drawing some furries? You'll need some fur! purrrrrr....
Illogical-Lynx's Fur Brushes

Create Tiling backgrounds with BgPattern

BgPattern is a neat online tool which can assist you in creating tiling backgrounds for your web pages. Demo Girl has a tutorial to help you get started.

Demo Girl Tiling Backgrounds

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabric Textures

Free fabric texture pack from psd tuts+. By themselves they may not be useful as is, but would be good if layered against other colors and texture effects.
Fabric Texture Pack

Scrunched-up paper

A great base for a texture project. Here's some textured paper provided under Creative Commons which you are free to adapt to your work.
Scrunched-up Paper

Music Grunge

Even if this graphic isn't useful for any particular project (as it is quite specific), it is at the very least, inspirational.
Music Grunge Stock

White ivy textures [exclusive]

Here are some free textures that I created. These are available under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to use in your projects. These are especially suited for web design projects.
White Ivy Horizontal
White Ivy Vertical

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paint Grunge Brushes

Excellent grunge textures. Layer them with low opacity for even nicer effects.
Paint Grunge Brushes

Rough it Up Intro

Hello internets. This blog is simply about textures. We'll connect you to free brushes, tutorials and stock photos to use in your projects as well as wonderful imagery to inspire you in your next project.
Please enjoy and share with your fellow compadres.